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Jay Capone  is a multi-talented individual who has achieved success in various fields. He is the CEO of American Barbershop Franchise, Triginet, American Renegade, Happy Death Valley and also the owner and CEO of "The Ducky Boys" men care products, which have gained recognition worldwide. Additionally, Jay is an accomplished author, having written the book "Push Yourself," and he is the creator of multiple successful business, mindset, and fitness programs. Despite his accomplishments, Jay prefers not to boast about his wealth and instead focuses on his work.

Jay Capone's upbringing was marked by financial hardship. Coming from a large family, his father worked labor jobs, and his mother also had to contribute to provide for their children. Recognizing the need to take action at a young age, Jay ventured out on his own, hustling as a teenager to make ends meet. His journey encompassed a range of experiences, from working as a dishwasher in Amsterdam's restaurants, to becoming a barber, towel boy for prostitutes, and eventually engaging in drug dealing and pimping on the streets. Jay learned valuable lessons the hard way, facing street drama and enduring both financial gains and losses. He even encountered legal troubles, but upon his release, he seized his second chance and never looked back. During his youth, Jay began rapping on the streets and chose Ice-T as his role model, eventually forming a mentorship with the renowned rapper.

After residing in Harlem, New York, during the crack epidemic, Jay decided to return to Amsterdam, Europe. He realized that the street life would only lead to a grim fate of death or imprisonment. Motivated to break free from the criminal scene, he pursued business school but found that the corporate world did not align with his hustling spirit. In need of funds, he joined the military.

Jay's exceptional talents and fluency in four languages quickly caught the attention of military officers. Following psychological tests, he was assigned to 101 MID (Military Intelligence). After intense training, akin to that of a Jason Bourne character, Jay became a valuable asset. However, he recognized that his future lay beyond the military and declined the offered rapid career advancement, ultimately leaving the service.

Leveraging his skills, Jay established his first company, Triginet Media, which he later sold. He embraced a thrilling lifestyle, traveled extensively, and subsequently launched his second company, Videosoll. This pioneering platform allowed individuals to add videos to their resumes before the era of YouTube. After selling the company, Jay continued to live his dreams, explore the world, and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Deciding to settle in Los Angeles, Jay reconnected with his longtime friend and mentor, Ice-T. He collaborated with Ice-T at his record company, Coroner Records, releasing his debut single "Pimp," featuring Ice-T and Koolkeith. Jay also joined Ice-T on numerous world tours as a backup performer. Additionally, he assumed the role of the skull-masked armed guard with the punk metal band Body Count, featuring Ice-T.

Presently, Jay Capone's endeavors include owning a Barbershop Franchise, directing and producing independent movies and music videos, and hosting the renowned urban talk show "Social Crack House." He has authored bestselling books such as "Push Yourself" and "Dog-Eat-Dog Mind Of A Serial Hustler." Jay engages in public speaking, virtual events, and counseling, sharing his wisdom and experiences. Furthermore, he continues his involvement in music production as a rapper and actor. Jay has cultivated relationships with rock stars, celebrities, millionaires, pimps, and hustlers.

Having lived a life filled with ups and downs, Jay has experienced diverse environments and encountered people from all walks of life. From partying on Venice Beach to attending extravagant mega yacht parties in Saint Tropez, Jay Capone has had a wide range of experiences. He has broken bread with the poor in third-world countries and played ball with the super-rich. These experiences have shaped his perspective and given him a wealth of knowledge.

Jay Capone firmly believes that knowledge is true power. He likens living in ignorance to being blind and dwelling in darkness. It is this realization that has driven him to share his knowledge and use it as a means to bring financial success, happiness, and joy into people's lives.
His ultimate passion lies in helping others. Throughout his life, Jay has found that nothing energizes and fulfills him more than assisting people. His core values revolve around peace, love, and happiness, and he strives to embody these principles in all aspects of his work and interactions.
Jay Capone invites you to join him at his speaking events, where he will be sharing his insights and expertise. Whether you are seeking guidance in business, mindset, personal growth, or simply looking for inspiration, Jay's multifaceted background and experiences make him a valuable resource. He has traversed different paths and accumulated a wealth of wisdom that he is eager to share with others.

In summary, Jay Capone is a visionary and multi-talented individual who has triumphed over adversity. From his challenging upbringing to his experiences in the streets, military, and entertainment industry, he has gained invaluable knowledge and perspectives. Now, he dedicates his life to helping others and spreading positivity through his various endeavors. Join Jay Capone on his journey and let his insights and experiences guide you to a path of success and fulfillment. With Jay Capone's unique journey and his dedication to helping others, he serves as an inspiration to those seeking growth and transformation. Through his event, he aims to empower individuals to unlock their true potential and achieve their goals.

In the words of Jay Capone, "I've lived three lives, experienced the highs and lows, and connected with people from all walks of life. My purpose is to share my knowledge, bring financial success, happiness, and joy to others. Peace, love, and happiness are what I stand for. Join me on this journey, and together, we can make a positive impact in the world."

Embrace the opportunity to learn from Jay Capone's remarkable experiences and let his wisdom guide you towards a brighter future. Remember, the power to create change lies within you.



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