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Jay Capone is the CEO of American Barbershop Franchise and Triginet Vision he's the owner and CEO of " The Ducky Boys" men care products worldwide as well as the author of " Push Yourself " and the creator of 12 best-selling business, mindset and Fitness programs. He owns and controls privately held companies and don't like to brag about money.
Ice-T's protégé and visionair.

Jay Capone comes from a poor background out of a big family
His father was working labor jobs and his mother had to work too to feed 8 kids. Jay knew at young age he had to make moves. Broke out the house and started hustling as a teenager to make ends meet.

He started working as dishwasher at restaurants in Amsterdam, as a barber, as towel boy for the prostitutes to dope dealing and pimping on the streets. He learned many lessons the hard way and dealt with a lot of street drama. Made a lot money lost money got locked up , got out grabbed his second chance and never looked back. At young age he started rapping on the streets to pick up girls an choose rapper Ice-T as his role model what turned
out to be his Mentor in later life.

After living at 116 franklin in Harlem New York during the crack epidemic , Jay moved back to Amsterdam, Europe. Jay instinctively knew the street life is going to lead him to death or prison. So he decided to finish business school, but he didn't fit in the corporate world, his hustle was too weak. He tried to get out of the crime scene and he needed money so he joint the service.

After 2 months basic military training the officers noticed Jay's extronary talents. Jay speaks 4 languages fluently and his instincts are superb. After a few psychological tests they placed him at 101 MID (military intelligence) after a full ‘Jason Born’ mental and physical training Jay was a real asset. Jay realized his future wasn’t with the military, although they offered him a speed career he said no and left the service.

He used his skills and started his first company Triginet media, sold that lived a crazy life traveled the world, started his second company Videosoll. A genius platform where people could add videos to their resumes, this was pre YouTube He sold that company and did the same, lived his dreams ,travel the world and lived the good life.

Jay decided to live in Los Angeles and hooked up with his longtime friend and role model / mentor Ice-T. He worked with Ice-T in LA at Ice’s record company Coroner records released his first single Pimp featuring Ice-T and Koolkeith and joined him many times with world tours as back up on stage. And yes, Jay Capone is also the Skull masked Armed guard with the punk metal band Body Count featuring Ice-T.

Now Jay Capone, Owns a Barbershop Franchise, directs and produces indy movies, music clips, and is the host for infamous urban talks how "Social Crack House". He’s the writer of bestselling books " Push Yourself " and ” Dog -Eat-Dog Mind Of A Serial Hustler ” He’s doing speaking’s and virtual events and counseling. Next to his music production as a rapper, and actor. He is friends with Rockstar’s, Movistar’s, millionaires, pimps and hustlers.

I’ve lived 3 lives, had my ups and downs, Partied with bumps on Venice Beach in California to mega yachts party’s in Saint Tropez France. I’ve bin in 3th world countries broke bread with the poor and played ball with the super rich. Trust me! I’ve bin around and I might have some answers.

Knowledge is the real power. Imagine being blind and living in the dark your whole life. I’ve decided to share my knowledge and use it to bring people more financial success, happiness, and joy in their life.

From all the things I’ve experienced in my live there is one thing what gave me energy and real fulfilment as than more than anything else. That is HELPING PEOPLE

Peace, love, and happiness.
Is what I’m about.
See you at the event.

One Love!

Jay Capone



“Time is short. There's only one person who could get you success and that's YOU! I'm just the Gatekeeper providing you the right tools. So stop playing”
Let's go get!   - Jay Capone